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Intelligent marketing for businesses wanting to grow.

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Pre-Vetted Marketers

Our exclusive network of freelance marketers go through a rigorous vetting to provide only top quality.


Money Back Guarantee

All our gigs have upfront pricing and a 100% guarantee. You know what you'll get and for what price, guaranteed.


Thousands of Customers

Over 2800 companies trust us with their social media, FB ads, blog writing, and more with a 4.8/5 Star Rating.


Browse Pre-packaged Gigs

You should buy proven tactics, not hours. At dreamfree we don’t have messy hourly rates to manage, we have flat rate gigs.

☺︎ Flat rate pricing
☺︎ No hourly tracking
☺︎ No time management


On-Demand Marketing Services

Our sweet spot is serving clients who demand high-quality but without the price tag and contracts of an expensive agency.

☺︎ Vetted digital marketers
☺︎ Affordable pricing
☺︎ No contracts